STRANDED IN YOUR IMAGINATION.  The Modern Fables take on a pick-your-own-adventure played out in your mind.  Can you uncover the secrets MEDOGAN has to offer?  Can you escape the confines of reality?

Modern Fables Escape Rooms brings you MEDOGAN.  This episodic adventure is set in the forgotten town of MEDOGAN,  the epicentre of the Modern Fables universe.

MEDOGAN is a piece of interactive fiction with puzzles.  Modern Fables is an escape room company so expect puzzles of that nature! Playtime is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  Stick some headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the game. You will also need audio to solve some puzzles. This is a digital experience but a pen and paper helps solve many a mystery!


Welcome to Chapter 2 - After your surprise at the end of Chapter 1 your journey to discover more brings you into contact with some rather odd characters.  Are they all that they seem?

If you're yet to play Chapter One you can play here:


Life in MEDOGAN is not like elsewhere, but even here nobody has all the answers.  Well, apart from teacher Sammy Sawyer:


Please do fill out our very short survey once you have played, it will help us make a success of it!  Thank you!


Made by the Modern Fables team:

Art - Ed Naujokas

Audio - Jay Harris

Programming - Richard Sherriff

Writing - Jonny Gillam


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I'm really enjoying this, but I'm stuck on the safe puzzle!

Sammy Sawyer may be able to help