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Visit the intriguing, darkly atmospheric town of Medogan and uncover its hidden secrets.  Can you escape the confines of reality?

This is the 1st episode in the Medogan series.  Here, in Chapter 1 you are due to get married and your best mate has requested you meet for your last pre-wedding jolly.  So, you get in your car, stick some tunes on and make your way to the Hawthorne Inn in Medogan.  There's something very unsettling about this town... but you can't quite put your finger on what's making you feel so strange...

Medogan is a piece of interactive fiction with puzzles created by Modern Fables Escape Rooms based in Hackney, east London.

Playtime is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  Stick some headphones on to fully immerse yourself in the game. You will also need audio to solve some puzzles. This is a digital experience but a pen and paper helps solve many a mystery!


Highly recommended - https://escapethereview.co.uk

5/5 - https://breakingoutofahabit.wordpress.com

4/5 - https://www.reviewtheroom.co.uk


Modern Fables Escape Rooms are located in Hackney, east London.



Life in MEDOGAN is not like elsewhere, but even here nobody has all the answers.  Well, apart from teacher Sammy Sawyer:  medoganmoments.wordpress.com/

Pitt Baker, a slightly rebellious character, might be able to help with specifics if Sammy is a bit vague:  https://www.facebook.com/pitt.baker.58


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Hi! I am contacting creators/developers on behalf of a graduate researcher studying how Lovecraft is represented in games. If you have time to complete a 10-minute survey about Medogan - Chapter 1, please send a message to: masonsmith [at] tamu [dot] edu.

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I'm stuck on 10 and 14. I'm assuming I have to use the info from the poster in the cloak room, but I'm not in the UK, so I am hesitant  to do so

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ROT13 for spoilers:

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